Sport & Activity


RESOL NO MORI offers every sort of experience from
powerful sports to the interaction with nature.
We will welcome you with a new surprise whenever you come, whomever you stay with.
How would you design your blissful time in the woodland?


RESOL NO MORI is a paradise of sports.

We equip the sports ground, tennis court, archery hall, and jogging course as the outdoor facility, and the gymnasium, training room, and heated pool as the indoor facility.
In a relaxing atmosphere, you can pick your favored sport or training program.


Forest Adventure Tarzania

Play with the forest and commune with nature in the adventure course.

This forest adventure facility was born in France. Try out the activities created in nature as you wear a safety harness and embark on a journey through the air from tree to tree. You can have an exciting but safe forest adventure together with your families, partner, or friends.


Lac Leman Pool

Feel the breeze of Lake Geneva in the resort pool.

Would you like to take a swim in the spacious swimming pool or spend time with families with water?
The 130m-long spacious outdoor pool is in the shape of Lake Geneva and for the exclusive use of our guests.
It is divided into three areas: swimming zone, diving spot, kid-friendly space.


Horse Riding (Ever Green Horse Garden)

Experience empty-handed horse riding.

Feel free to join the horse riding experience empty-handed.
There are lessons available for any skill level, from one-on-one lessons for beginners to advanced training for the already-skilled horsemen.
Spacious riding ground, stable, and an authentic restaurant "g.STATION" are also featured.


Mini Golf

Feel like a pro golfer with families.

We offer miniature golf built for anyone, including beginners and kids.
A total of 18 holes recreate the 'Manna Gary Player Course' in Manna Country Club, featuring the reality that pro golfers admire.
The course is built with natural grass, allowing the people with weak feet and waist to comfortably enjoy their next round.


Wildly savor the local delicacy of Chiba.

BBQ experience to fully enjoy the local delicacy in Chiba.
Feast on extra fine Kazusa Beef domesticated in Chiba, the origin of dairy farming in Japan, paired with Boso's freshest seafood.

Sky Valley

Enjoy terrain-based activity.

The valley area is around 8 hectares.
You can enjoy a powerful long zip slide with a total length of 445m and putter golf that makes the best use of the terrain.
In the early summer, you can watch fireflies (luciola cruciata and aquatica lateralis) by a babbling brook.